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Structural/Building Fires

For many years HANNAFORD FORENSIC has been conducting comprehensive investigations of fires that have taken place in structures, houses and commercial premises.

Buildings often contain materials, machinery and appliances that could be the cause of a fire.  In addition, the specific cause of the fire could relate to faulty equipment, poor workmanship, or neglect on the part of the building owner, or poor practice in contravention of insurer’s warranties.  Hannaford Forensic independently establishes the origin and cause of the fire, as well as why it may have spread through or around fire resistant barriers, and implications as a result of fire-fighting measures adopted.

Structured investigation

To fully investigate the fire, all relevant parties will be interviewed to gain a witness-based sequence of events.  This evidence is then assessed in relation to the physical evidence relating to the fire.  Hannaford Forensic will also work closely with the emergency services involved in the fire and its wider investigation.

Once the origin of the fire is established, the source materials or appliance will be forensically examined (in conjunction with other interested parties where applicable) to determine the specific fault that caused the fire.

Need a structural fire investigated?

If you have a fire-damaged building or structure that requires forensic investigation, please contact one of our offices for a rapid response.