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Hannaford Forensic is an independent forensic investigation company. With fires, our role is usually to establish the origin and cause through the physical examination of the affected building, ship, vehicle or machine. Sometimes, however, there are supplementary questions concerning fire spread or methods of construction that need to be answered, and which may arise months or even years after the event. We are experienced in dealing with matters such as these.

With problem cargoes, attendance at the ship or port is not always required as documents and test results are often sufficient to provide accurate advice. We are, however, always at the ready to attend on site anywhere around the world where expensive cargoes and valuable ships are at risk.

Typically we work on behalf of insurance companies, P&I Clubs, loss adjusters and legal firms. In every situation, we thoroughly investigate the case and promptly and formally report on our findings – keeping in regular contact with our client.

In some cases, we are required to present our evidence in court. As members of The Academy of Experts we are trained and experienced in this field. You can rely on our advice to be independent and impartial, and our reports to be prepared as suitable for disclosure.

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