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Why Use Us

With the volume of building, vehicle and machinery fires that occur each year, it is necessary to understand why these fires happen, so that ultimately liability can be established.  Some examples of situations our fire investigators experience:

  • Establishing the cause of a vehicle fire and whether it is due to a manufacturing defect, poor servicing or repair, or arson.
  • Investigating the suspicion of a fraudulent insurance claim.
  • Identifying why a fire spread from one building to another, or penetrated through fire-resistant walls.
  • Examining the source and cause of a fire to assist with a warranty claim.
  • Investigating product liability, e.g. domestic appliance faults.

A thorough investigation of a fire can often uncover hidden reasons and issues that would otherwise have never come to light.  For example, upon investigation it may become apparent that a vehicle fire was actually caused by a known manufacturing fault, or through inappropriate modifications by the owner, or the burn patterns may demonstrate intentional destruction for the purpose of an insurance claim.

The cost of fire damage

In many cases, fire is traumatic for the individuals involved.  However, fraudulent activity and arson is becoming an ever-greater expense that is being funded by the insurance companies and ultimately the wider insurance market.  The ABI reported that in 2007, 24,000 drivers filed fraudulent insurance claims – and these are only the known offenders.

Hannaford Forensic therefore conducts independent forensic fire investigations to accurately determine the cause of a fire.  In doing this, all parties can be confident of an impartial investigation.  Our work is also crucial in sending a message to all fraudulent claimants that their vehicle fire could be professionally investigated.

Need a fire investigator?

If you have a fire damaged building, vehicle or machine that requires forensic investigation, please contact one of our offices for a rapid response.