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About Us

Hannaford Forensic is an established name in the forensic fire investigation industry.  We have been conducting independent fire investigations for over 25 years and have a team of extremely experienced and highly qualified forensic engineers.

We specialise in the investigation of building, vehicle and machinery fires, usually for the purpose of finding the fire’s origin and cause.  We are also sometimes asked to examine the reason why fires spread (e.g. from building to building or via fire-resisting walls) in relation to Building Regulations compliance etc. In many cases, our clients are insurers, legal firms, loss adjusters, and private companies such as fleet/hire operators.

Vehicle and car fire investigation

Our skills in mechanical engineering and forensic science mean we have the specialist knowledge required to thoroughly investigate car and machinery fires.  Our expertise has led us to advise audiences at the Institute of Automobile Engineer Assessors, ABI Thatcham, the Institute of the Motor Industry and the Institute of Road Transport Engineers.

Our approach

Our methodology ensures thorough and independent fire investigation.  Our approach is always:

  • Independent – so the true origin and cause of the fire can be established.
  • Meticulous – to provide a detailed investigation followed by high quality reporting.
  • Responsive – so our investigation is conducted in a timely fashion.
  • Flexible – to work anywhere in the UK and if required internationally.

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